Medical Information

GraceWorks requires that a recent physical be submitted with your child's application.  This applies to ALL programs;  Early Childhood, Afterschool, School-age Summer Program, and Drop-in Option.  The physical must have been done within the past 12 months.

Giving Medicine to Children

Many children need to be given medication while in day care or after-school care.  State regulations require very specific paperwork be on file before GraceWorks staff can administer any medication, either prescription or over-the-counter medicine and  lotions.

In addition,  all prescription medicines must be in the prescription bottle/box with the printed pharmacy label.  Loose tablets and unpackaged inhalers and epi-pens will not be accepted or administered.  Medicines that have reached their expiration date cannot be administered by GraceWorks.

The Medication Consent Form:

GraceWorks absolutely cannot dispense any medicines, prescription or over-the-counter, without the medication consent form on file.  Please download the medication consent form and instructions  below.

Medication Consent Form for any medication your child needs when present at GraceWorks

The Individual Health Care Plan:  Click here

The Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (DEEC)  requires  a child with a chronic health condition to have an individual health care plan (IHCP) on file for the child.  We currently use the DEEC form.     For example, any child who carries an Epi-pen or inhaler for asthma would need to have and IHCP on file with us.  Other chronic health conditions may require an IHCP. 

The individual health care plan needs to be completely filled out and signed by an authorized licensed practitioner.  we can no longer accept the standard "action plan" that many pediatricians use.  We regret the extra paperwork that we have to ask families to complete, but the IHCP will help us know exactly what steps to take if your child becomes ill while attending our programs.   Please contact the GraceWorks Program Office for a copy of the DEEC IHCP form.