The Pre-kindergarten class has limited part-time openings.
We are currently enrolling for the fall.
We enroll year-round
for both full days and half-days!

***Partial Day Option: Pre-K Only!***
We offer partial day enrollment for the Pre-K classroom.
You can enroll your child for a partial day
Mornings 8:00am-12:30pm or Afternoons 12:30pm-6:00pm

Cost is $35/day for a partial day.

** Part time is fewer than 5 days/week and/or
 partial day enrollment. 
Please contact the Program Office for information.

The GraceWorks Early Childcare Program is licensed by the Department of Early Education for Children (DEEC) to provide year-round care for a combined count of 53 children/day for our Toddler, Preschool and Pre-kindergarten programs.

The Pre-kindergarten Room is licensed for 20 children/day,  and has at least two  teachers.
The teachers are Rose R. and Ashley M.

The Pre-Kindergarten classrooms use a thematic approach to the curriculum.  the function of GraceWorks' Pre-K program  is to prepare the children for a smooth transition from a preschool to a  regular school environment.  The teachers strive to prepare each child academically, socially and emotionally.  Teaching methods aim towards meeting each child's individual needs while maintaining a consistent standard of learning for the entire classroom.  In addition teachers work to maximize each child's self-esteem and personal development.  Math, science, phonics, writing skills, art, cooking and music are incorporated into lesson plans.  And above all, the children have fun!

The Pre-K curriculum follows guidelines approved by the Department of Early Education and Care (DEEC).

GraceWorks has a specific transition plan in place for new students who are getting acclimated to the Pre-K  routine, teachers and students. 

Please click here to see the Pre-Kindergarten Transition Plan.

Click here to view the Pre-Kindergarten daily schedule.

 Families provide lunch.  GraceWorks provides morning and afternoon snacks and extra drinks.
foods that have been processed in plants that process nuts.

As of January 2, 2018
Cost is $64.00/full day or
$35.00/partial day
vouchers accepted 
Drop-in days (for enrolled children only) are $69/day or $35/day

Hours of Operation:  8am-6pm sharp
Partial day:  8am to 12:30pm sharp OR
12:30pm-6:00pm sharp

Pre-kindergarten Room Staff  

 Rose R. joined the Pre-kindergarten teaching team as a full-time teacher  in October 2015.  Rose has years of teaching experience with children of all ages, and is a certified Preschool Teacher.  She is in the process of getting her Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education.  As Lead Teacher in the Pre-kindergarten room Rose helps create a welcoming atmosphere of  enthusiasm for learning.
Ashley M.  came to GraceWorks in October of 2015.   She is DEEC certified as both an infant/toddler and a preschool teacher.   Ashley has her Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology from UMASS, and also took Early Childhood Education courses, completing an internship with Head Start.  Her teaching skills add so much to the Pre-kindergarten classroom.